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That visit this website and a lot of different characters and different backgrounds. They have the right to comment on the article comments that we open the form. We do moderate comments and do not pass certain comments to certain reason, but sometimes we do approve without first reading the entire content of the comments. Therefore any consequences arising from any comments are the sole responsibility of the comment. For that please comment with ethical considerations, laws and regulations and all applicable regulations in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia.
     Include prohibited leave a comment with a link (link) to pornographic sites, gambling sites and or legally prohibited by statute law in Indonesia. Including prohibited from providing comments containing provocation, words or sentences that violate the law in Indonesia.

     If the commenter left a link (link) on a particular website. Then the contents of the linked websites is entirely the responsibility of the comments and or owner of the website. If you feel there is to use the name and or website in the comments, please contact us and we will delete the comment in question according to your request.

     This web server does not belong to us personally, but we rented (hosting) to another party. For that we can not guarantee 100% of your data will be completely safe, but we promise will never publish or provide your details to other parties including emails unless you violate our privacy policy or rules that we have set, or if required by the authorities in the interest of law enforcement.

     In the case of advertising by third parties, any advertising materials and the consequences that arise from it entirely the responsibility of the advertiser. And it could be they (advertisers) to install the sender requests (for example IP address) directly to your browser without our knowledge. So in terms of the (request an IP address) is entirely the responsibility of the advertiser.

     Some of our advertising partners may use cookies only (catcher trace) on our site. do not have access or control over these cookies that are used such third parties.
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